Free Books! IPM for Trees and Shrubs

The Southern Nursery IPM working group (SNIPM) includes research and extension professionals from many Southeastern states who work in horticulture, plant pathology, and entomology related to nursery crops. Last year we published a MORE » – from   Entomology

Spittlebugs fill trees with foam

Spittlebugs are a group of insects in the Family Cercopidae (Froghoppers & Spittlebugs) that have the unusual ability to produce foam. The foam is not actually spittle because it comes from their anus. MORE » – from   Entomology

Crape myrtle aphids. Photo: SD FRank

Crape myrtle aphids

Crape myrtles are among the most commonly planted trees in the Southeast. Fortunately, they do not have a lot of pests relative to some other landscape plants. The two main pests are crape MORE » – from   Entomology

Should You Spray for Cotton Thrips? popular

What is the growth stage of the cotton? I cannot stress the importance of this point.  Cotton is most susceptible by far before the two-leaf stage.  Cotton will take a yield hit up MORE » – from   Cotton