Datana spp. caterpillars feeding on blueberry. Photo via NC State University Plant Disease and Insect Clinic.

What to watch for: Caterpillars in berries popular

The season’s first question about caterpillars in blueberries has arrived, so growers and homeowners should be on the look out for developing populations. Several caterpillars species in the genus Datana feed on NC MORE » – from   Entomology

Earworms/Bollworms in Bt Corn popular

Earworms (known as bollworm in cotton) have been fairly absent in our system over the past few years.  Arguably, at least a small part of this has to be due to widespread plantings MORE » – from   Entomology

Mountain Fresh x LB

Scout frequently for late blight on tomato popular

Late blight, caused by the oomycete Phytophthora infestans, was reported on tomato this week from 13 counties in Arkansas. The disease was first observed as early as May and June, but was not reported to MORE »

TPB nymph1- S. Roberson

Managing Plant Bugs in Blooming Cotton popular

When cotton blooms, it’s time to switch sampling and thresholds for plant bugs.  This previous article covered management of plant bugs pre-bloom.  There is no magic switch point, but once cotton blooms for MORE » – from   Cotton