Keep an Eye Out for Gummy Stem Blight in Watermelons

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It is that time of the year when we get a few reports of gummy stem blight on watermelon transplants. The rainy weather we have been experiencing will be very conducive for disease spread, so scout your transplants and fields for any signs of symptoms. When transplants are infected with gummy stem blight it is always best to discard the infected flat and flats around it that would have become infected due to water splashing when watering with overhead irrigation. The disease can be very difficult to control if infected transplants are planted and wet weather comes our way.

If you think you have plants infected with gummy stem blight please contact your local Extension Agent and send photos and/or physical samples to the Plant Disease and Insect Clinic for confirmation.

See this fact sheet for general information about gummy stem blight and effective fungicides.

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See the NCSU Vegetable Pathology Lab website for the latest fungicide trial results.

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