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NC State Extension

Modified Plant Disease and Insect Clinic Operations

slime mold on conifer needles
To keep safe but productive during the COVID-19 outbreak, we here at the NC State University Plant Disease and Insect Clinic are modifying our operating procedures as follows:
  • We will not be receiving people at the door for at least the next two weeks. The interior main door to the clinic (1229A) will remain closed. Clients, agents, and others are asked to leave samples and completed sample submission forms outside the door for staff to retrieve. As long as campus mail services and private couriers continue to operate, samples can continue to be shipped to us as usual.
  • We will process samples as quickly as we can, but please keep in mind that diagnoses may be delayed due to staffing and other limitations.
  • Please refrain from submitting non-essential and other samples that can wait until our operations return to normal. This will help the clinic staff address more urgent samples.
  • We will not be receiving physical samples of trees or woody shrubs from home landscapes for at least the next two weeks. Any samples that are submitted against this instruction will be discarded; no charges will be incurred for these.
  • Indoor mold samples (swabs) will be held for at least two weeks before diagnosing.
  • If an image sample can be submitted first via our database (following instructions on our website), please do so. If we can identify the problem from photos we will, but we cannot guarantee that a diagnosis can be made from photos alone. In cases where an ID cannot be made using photos, please heed the special instructions for physical samples described above.
  • Please note that the NC State University Turf Diagnostic Lab is temporarily closed.
Thank you for your patience and help during this difficult time. We will be sure to send updates as they come. Please be safe and healthy, and as always feel free to contact us by phone (919-515-3619) or email ( with any questions.