Elevated Risk of Wheat Scab in Northeast NC

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Wheat crops that are flowering now in northeast NC are at moderate risk of scab. Much of the crop there has already flowered and is past danger, but some fields are flowering now or will flower in the next 2 weeks and are at risk. It will pay to spray if the variety is susceptible or moderately susceptible, and possibly if it is moderately resistant. Apply fungicide at early flowering or up to 7 days later. Do not apply a strobilurin-containing fungicide. The most effective products are Caramba, Prosaro, and Proline. Information on wheat fungicide efficacy can be found on the NCERA-184 Fungicide Efficacy Table. Aerial application may be profitable. For ground application, rear- and forward-facing nozzles should be angled down 30 degrees from horizontal.

For more details on wheat scab risk predictions, go to the FHB Risk Assessment Tool.