NC State PDIC to Expand Modified Operations

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potted plants in greenhouse
This announcement was updated Friday May 29th, 2020 from a previous version

The NC State Plant Disease and Insect Clinic (PDIC) has been approved to open under new modified operations in order to serve clients while maintaining safe work practices during the COVID-19 pandemic. For turf and ornamental grass samples, please visit the Turf Diagnostics Lab web page for information on their operations and instructions.

We will now be staffing the clinic Monday through Friday, beginning June 1st, 2020. The following guidelines are being put into place for the safety of our personnel and to maximize our diagnostic efforts under our new schedule:

  • For the time being, we will not accept out-of-state samples.
  • We will not receive visitors in the clinic or inside the building. The outside doors to Gardner Hall will continue to be locked, and only individuals on university-approved exceptions will be allowed inside.
  • Samples can be dropped off outside Gardner Hall by the gray double doors leading to the clinic from the parking lot. There will be a space designated and signage posted explaining what to leave and where. Please make sure all samples are clearly labeled with either the sample number (provided after entering data electronically), or that any paper forms dropped off are clearly linked to each sample. Please note: samples that are dropped off after 5 p.m. may not be seen and could deteriorate overnight.
  • All other samples can be sent by mail or other delivery services (UPS, FedEx, etc.). It is best to send samples that will arrive earlier in the week, as packages that arrive later may deteriorate before we can retrieve them. To help clinic personnel track incoming samples, it is beneficial to provide us with details about when packages are shipped, the method or carrier, and expected delivery date on the online sample submission form (provided in the comments section online).
  • Please limit physical sample submissions to situations where significant damage is occurring or is likely to occur. If the issue at hand is causing only minor damage, or if you have any doubt about potential damage, feel free to submit it as a digital image sample for clinic personnel to assess remotely.
  • We strongly encourage digital image samples be submitted before deciding to send a physical sample.
  • We will resume accepting physical samples from home and commercial landscapes.

Because of our limited staffing, not all of our normal assays will be possible and diagnostic results may take longer than usual.

If you are unsure whether your sample will be accepted or not, please contact the clinic by phone during the operating hours stated above (919-515-3619) or by email anytime (

Thank you for your continued patience during this difficult time.