Watermelon Powdery Mildew Found in South Carolina

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Dr. Anthony Keinath, Vegetable Pathologist at Clemson University in South Carolina, has found powdery mildew in watermelons and issued an alert. Because the pathogen is airborne, we expect that inoculum may also be present in North Carolina. Cucurbit growers are encouraged to scout their fields for powdery mildew, in addition to downy mildew, which was also reported in cucumber this week. If powdery mildew has infected your crop, fungicide applications will be necessary to maintain yields since it is still early in the season. See our Powdery mildew fact sheet for general information about powdery mildew in cucurbits and effective fungicides according to North Carolina fungicide trials.

If you think you have plants infected and are unsure about the diagnosis please contact your local Extension agent and send photos and/or physical samples to the Plant Disease and Insect Clinic for confirmation.

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